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Today I return to work after 10 (much needed) days off.

The start of 2019 has been a turbulent ride for me for many reasons and it is so important to take some time, gather your thoughts and exhale.

This past month and half has taught me so much already. I have suffered loss, I have hurt, I learned acceptance, and forgiveness. I have been reminded how the bonds of friendship can withstand any distance.

I didnt just take a bit of time for myself, I made the time for myself. I listened to myself and I reinforced my ability to say no when I need to.

I have fallen back in love with my own company and where I live. I mean, our beaches could actually be heaven!

I feel like I may have been a little bit lost in life for a while now and i am beginning to wake up and realise my own self worth and that it’s actually OK for me to like myself and put myself first for once.

I hope this is a new beginning for a more relaxed, stronger me, more like the me I was before I got lost inside my own mind and how other people see me, and always putting their needs before mine.

‘You only live once’

A very inaccurate statement if you ask me. We only die once, we live every day’ so it’s important to make every day a good one, we have the power to choose how we tackle the day ahead, I always try my best to choose happiness and positivity. Sure it doesnt always turn out like that but at least I can say I chose happiness.

Have a beautiful day! Remember that life is for living and for having fun, laugh and love with your whole heart, choose happiness and be kind to people. We never know what they are going through. I mean they too might be lost in the darkness of their own mind and you being happy and kind might bring them closer to being free.

Love and happiness,


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