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Excuse Me Productions is an independent Podcast Collective showcasing content created by a diverse collection of Queer identifying individuals and women who want their voices to be heard.

At Excuse Me Productions we champion content created by unique, inspiring and marginalized individuals who have something to say. 

Excuse Me Productions was the brainchild of founder Shaun Phillip Naylor who 

Shaun felt like he didn’t have a voice. He had been through a rough and a mentally exhausting period of his life. Unsure of where he fit in anymore. Shaun was at a loss; he had somehow forgotten who he was and no longer felt like the confident young man who was strong and in control of his own mind. Shaun started a blog as a way to take back control, It was a safe place to talk about this crazy ride we call life, with all its ups and downs.

A self proclaimed inconsistent blogger Shaun would only write when he felt like he needed to. So, it’s probably a good thing that it’s been a while since his last blog post. 

The most popular blog Shaun posted was his coming out story. Although many of the sites posts generated positive feedback it was this one that seemed to resonate with people.

Shaun felt as though he had found a very small platform to share stories and relate to others and at the same time be a positive influence.

So, with that in mind Shaun took on a new challenge. Turning ‘Excuse me’ into a podcast! One where people can discuss life, and all the things that it throws at us. 

During Excuse me, I have something to says third season Shaun and regular podcast guest and friend Mya Crafone set out to create a fun new podcast called the Wine-D up. Essentially a spin off from Excuse me, The Wine-d up is a podcast where Shaun and Mya Ru-Cap episodes of RuPaul's Drag race. This lead the way to multiple future podcast ideas and the conceptualization of Excuse Me Productions. 

We hope that you enjoy the current and future content created and curated at Excuse Me Productions as we continue towards our goals to grow, educate and entertain our listeners whilst simultaneously raising up the voices of women and Queer identifying humans.

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